The graph in the sidebar is the main site navigation for this template. You could think of the graph as a πŸŽ‹ bonsai growing in the sidebar tray.

You can hover over the 🧭 then click the 🌳 or πŸ•Έ to toggle the graph’s type.

On a node…

  • …click:
    • You’ll be taken to it’s corresponding entry page.
  • …hover:
    • Its title will display as a tooltip
    • Web neighbors or tree lineage will highlight.

On a link…

  • …hover:
    • It will highlight.
    • Only its neighbor nodes titles will display.

Config 🐝

      type: "tree" # may be 'tree' or 'web'

nav.graph.type: Allows you to set the default type to be displayed.

For more graph configurations, see jekyll-graph.